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The Secret Bengali Ingredient for Change

In clay pot: Ras Mal

The MBA-Worthy Businessmen of Zimbabwe

I moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe two weeks ago for the second placement of my fellowship. As part of my work for expanding Kiva’s partnerships within South Africa, I have been meeting with lots of interesting organizations with very innovative business models.

From Designer to Refugee to Kiva Zip Borrower in Kenya

While working on Kiva Zip operations in Kenya, I engage with Trustees (the volunteer backbone of the Kiva Zip model) every day, hearing their stories, experiences, issues, and very often-getting humble invitations to visi

Empowering Women in India: Is it just another slogan?

The Birthplace of a Women's Education Movement in Zimbabwe

'You Are Magic': A Dispatch from Zimbabwe

Improving Lives One Lamb at a Time in Rural India

All across India, women are taking an active role in creating better living standards for their families.

From Zimbabwe: A Sacred, Solemn Rally Cry


It's Not About the Money, But What the Money Makes Possible

After three weeks in the field, I’ve just completed my ten Borrower Verifications for Kiva’s Field Partner, Zoona.

Dona Elsa Meets her Smile



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