By Peter Tashjian, KF11 Armenia

The last time I was this excited about a “network” was when I first used a browser to search the web.  Kiva goes where Google “Search” stops.  Kiva reaches the isolated and disconnected and connects them to “us”.  Google can only find and index the “connected”.  By reaching those not yet on the “Grid”, Kiva provides a platform to give the voiceless a voice and a face.  Like Google, Kiva is not perfect and is a work in progress but like Google its potential is limited only by our imagination.  Kiva like Google is a disruptive innovation.  However, unlike Google its relationship with the user is not passive, it’s engaging and allows the user/lender to become an integral part of the innovation.

Having  just become a Kiva Fellow I may be biased, overly optimistic and idealistic, but I’m not complaining because it feels *right*.

Kiva doesn’t have to take on Google.  Its goals are motivated by social responsibility by lending a hand to those ready to help themselves.  It’s joyful to be empowered this way.  Take a look at the site and decide for yourself what Kiva can mean for you.

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