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Jul 7, 2009 WS Samoa

By: Athan Makansi – KF8 – SPBD, Samoa

Kiva is about stories.  From borrower profiles and journal updates, we learn about individual borrowers all over the world and their struggle to work themselves out of poverty.  But, some of the people most integral to the daily operations of Kiva are underrepresented on Rarely do we hear stories about the credit officers all over the world who actually disburse the Kiva loans. Here are some profiles of the credit officers at South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) in Samoa.

At SPBD, the credit...

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Jul 7, 2009 SN Senegal

By Abby Gray, KF6/7, Togo & Senegal (now in New York)

In Dakar, this ad provoked vandals to rebel against the culturally inappropriate image. In New York, it wouldn't get a second glance.

If you have to deal with culture shock after 8 months of living in West Africa, New York is one of the most dramatic places to do it. On one hand, the vibrancy and energy of pedestrian-filled, trafficky New York streets isn’t all that different from the dusty...

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Jul 7, 2009 MN Mongolia

By Tamara Sanderson, KF8, Mongolia

You know you are a Super Lender if:

A)     You mark the 15th on your calendar and know the order that repayments will be made based on MFI.  You also have difficulty sleeping on the 14th from the anticipation.

B)      Your Facebook wall is filled with “[Insert Your Name]  supported [Insert Foreign Name] with”

C)      It requires multiple scrolls and next page clicks to see all the loans on your Kiva Profile

D) is your second favorite website after

E)      Your friends...

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Jul 7, 2009 PH Philippines

By Sloane Berrent, KF8, Philippines

Special Mission should you choose to accept.

The Kiva Fellows Program is looking for a Tagalog-speaking (or Cebuano) person of Filipino descent for a placement at a microfinance institution on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. That means you must be comfortable being placed there and traveling around the region.

Why Tagalog/Cebuano speaking and Filipino?

Kiva abides very closely to the State Department issued warning and there is currently a travel advisory against U.S. citizens...

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Jul 7, 2009

Last week I had a moment when the confusion of globalization washed over me…

I got into one of Kigali’s tiny city buses, officially called matatus, but affectionately known as a “one-more” because one more person can always be squeezed into the already sardine-packed vehicle. (The size of a Toyota Previa, seats 18). These buses are scrawled in Mandarin script— they were likely hand-me-downs from one of China’s cities after realizing that they were no longer safe enough to transport people by China’s standards. Most of these buses have some other art added— usually hand-...

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Jul 7, 2009 LB Lebanon

I think most of the other fellows will agree – the best (and the most rewarding, most inspiring and sometimes, the most awkward) part of this fellowship is going out into the field to meet the borrowers. Though each of my field experiences has been unique, there are a few things I have come to expect.

I’ve traveled up to the mountains, down to the valley and along the coast to meet borrowers. The scenery at each place has been drastically different: the northern Bekaa valley is flat and somewhat arid; Mount Lebanon – lush and green; and the Southern coast – flaxen and dotted...

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Jul 7, 2009 PE Peru

by Rob Mittelman, KF8 Peru

A Kiva Fellow has many jobs. I have well over a dozen different tasks on my workplan.

Some of them bring us great joy and inspiration like interviewing Kiva Borrowers and getting to know new cultures and new people.

Some let us be creative like this blog and all the Flip Camera videos you see.

Some make us feel like management consultants or professors preparing PowerPoint decks and going through trainings with our MFIs on new Kiva policies or web tools.

We write about these experiences because of how fun it is to be a...

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Jul 7, 2009 MN Mongolia

By Tamara Sanderson – KF8 Mongolia

When I started telling my friends and family that I was headed to Mongolia for the summer, it quickly became apparent that few people know much about the country.  Comments ranged from: “So, where in Africa is Mongolia?” to “I remember that Genghis Kahn fellow from history class.”

Every day, I am realizing the uniqueness of this beautiful country and would like to share a few fun facts with other Kivans.

Large and Landlocked

Mongolia, the second largest landlocked country in the world, is...

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Jul 7, 2009

By John Soleanicov, KF8 DRC

I could feel the beads of sweat rolling down my face.  Sitting in a makeshift police station under a tent, I was surrounded by three Congolese policemen and my accuser, a young man that could not have been past his mid twenties.  My crime: videotaping in public.


As I was returning from a group visit with Hope’s Kiva Coordinator, Robert, I wanted to...

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Jun 6, 2009

By Kiva Fellows Program Team

Kiva’s launch in the United States on June 10th generated a huge amount of media attention for Kiva, and an equally-large number of hits for the Kiva Fellows Blog. Kudos goes to John Briggs KF8, currently on his second Kiva placement with KADET in Kenya, for his #1 in Q2 post in response to the “Pissed Off Kiva Lenders” lending team with 1,712 views to date.

The top 5 blogs in Q2 were:

1. Pissed Off Kiva Lenders, John Briggs KF8, Kenya

2. A...

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