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Climate adaptation: The long view of dealing with climate change

If humanity is going to survive climate change, we are going to have to learn to live with it — and help others adapt as well.

Make a difference through climate change mitigation

We must act now to slow down the causes of climate change. Find out how you can make a difference through climate change mitigation.

Can solar power transform a billion lives by 2030? Social enterprise d.light is making it happen with the help of Kiva lenders

The partnership between Kiva and global solar social enterprise d.light is helping millions of people access affordable energy.

Small business, big impact: Entrepreneurs use their Kiva U.S. loans to mitigate climate change

Hear from Kiva US borrowers who are doing their part to mitigate climate change through their small businesses.

Climate resilience: How to help smallholder farmers respond to climate change

Learn about what climate resilience is, and how you can help support smallholder farmers to build their capacity to respond to shocks related to climate change.

More than a loan: what Kiva means to US borrowers

Learn how Kiva U.S. is shaped by borrower feedback — and hear what some borrowers had to say about their experience.

Celebrating Kiva's review and translation volunteers

Learn about the amazing review and translation program volunteers who were named volunteer of the month.

Kiva US 2022 highlights: Advancing Kiva’s mission and improving the US borrower experience

We’re proud to celebrate the work that Kiva US did in 2022 toward furthering Kiva's mission.

Kiva forgives loans due to severe financial crisis in Lebanon

Today, Kiva executed our largest writeoff to date for our lending partner Al Majmoua in Lebanon, a country that has been facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis since 2019.

Access to finance is critical to help women entrepreneurs around the world improve their earnings

Women around the world continue to face systemic financial challenges. Here's what Kiva and our Lending Partners are doing to address them.


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