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Hard work and persistence helped Zhumabubu through hardships in Kyrgyzstan

This loan is her first microfinance experience, and she says she’s very thankful to have access to low-interest capital through the Kiva platform.

Did you catch Kiva on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Sofia Vergara?

Kiva hit the silver screen on Thursday night!

Goals don't see age: How Estanislao found new opportunity

A story of how a man focused on growth regardless of age, and how the Kiva community helped him achieve.

The best of both worlds: Meet Bandana, a businesswoman and farmer

Bandana has mastered the art of cultivating and selling rice. Read how a Kiva loan helped her business flourish!

Ensuring food security during COVID-19: The story of Cycle Connect

With an emergency seed loan product and a massive donation to local hospitals, Cycle Connect is making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blanca expanded her bakery in El Salvador with a Kiva loan

At age 60, Blanca works 12 hours a day at her bakery stand in Ciudad El Triunfo in El Salvador. To take her business to the next level and make her dream come true, Blanca sought a Kiva loan.

Intangible returns: a Kiva loan comes full circle

Hear how Kiva Fellow Tamar Honig's experience and the many acts of kindness received during her time in Trujillo stuck with her and have continued to inspire her. This cycle of giving and receiving defines not just one borrower’s story, but Kiva’s entire model.

How the Kiva community is expanding access to electricity in Haiti

Less than 25 percent of households in Haiti have access to electricity. The Kiva community is changing this number thanks to the help of Field Partner Earth Spark.

Sofía Vergara anuncia su alianza con Kiva y al Fondo de Respuesta Global del COVID-19

Ayer, la actriz y activista Sofía Vergara anunció su alianza con Kiva y estará contribuyendo al fondo de Respuesta Global del COVID-19. Veanlo!

Sofia Vergara announces her partnership with Kiva and the Global COVID-19 Response fund

Yesterday, actress and activist Sofia Vergara announced her partnership with Kiva, and her contribution to the Global COVID-19 Response fund. 


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