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Celebrating and recognizing our volunteers during International Volunteer Week

This week marks International Volunteer Week, a celebration of the people that sacrifice their time to selflessly help others. Meet a few of the individuals that make things happen at Kiva!

"¿Poder? ¿Yo?": Una toma de una latina sobre el empoderamiento femenino

This blog was written by Impact Investments Fellow Gabriela Aleman during her Field Partner visits in Latin America. You can find the original English version here.


¿Que puedo devolver?

Introducing Kiva U: the homeschooling solution during the COVID-19 pandemic

With schools halting in-person meetings, we understand that many parents are currently looking for activities to provide their children with while they are at home during this time. That's where we've got you set.

Evgeniya is bringing tasty, organic crops to Ukraine

Because of the high global demand for fruits and vegetables, many farmers have turned to the use of industrial techniques that often produce mass quantities, yet less flavorful produce. Evgeniya is an active and goal-oriented farmer who doesn’t use any of these techniques - she produces organic products instead.

A devoted father and farmer, Michael dreams of a bright future for his children

Meet Michael Kamundi, a devoted farmer from the Nkubu area of Kenya. He dreams of providing his children with the tools to build a brighter future. As a dedicated husband and father, Michael goes to great lengths to provide for his family.

From lender’s wallet to farmer’s pocket: The journey of a loan

As easy and enjoyable as Kiva has made the lending process, it is worth noting that there is more than meets the eye. There’s a great deal of work that goes into delivering that loan into a borrower’s hands.

Small U.S. business owners and borrowers backed by Kiva tell their stories

Starting a small business proves to be a challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience. We want to celebrate just some of the risk-takers amongst our borrowers across the states!



A strong-willed woman and her storefront: Elpidia's story

As a fearless leader and caretaker, Elpidia Esther started a small business out of her home in order to fulfill the needs of her family and new neighborhood. Through her Kiva loan, she was able to expand her business with more merchandise. Her store soon began to flourish as her business boomed.

Raising livestock and a family, a loan meant the difference for Martha

For Martha Magali, a mother from Peru, being able to buy a cow could mean the difference between her and a better life.



Local leaders, lasting impact: How Kiva U.S. engages community partners

Kiva U.S. wouldn’t be an accessible financing tool if it weren’t for partners like The Build Institute.


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