Alicia was born in Indiana but was raised in San Diego. She is currently studying political economy as a fourth year at UC Berkeley with a minor in education. Her passion for working towards poverty alleviation began in high school when she went to WuGang, China, to live and teach at a rural middle school. Inspired and touched by the stories of her students, Alicia hopes to serve the non-profit sector by supplying impoverished communities with more opportunities. After graduation, Alicia wants to travel to Thailand, Greece and Africa. Besides traveling, Alicia loves to figure skate and jam out to music.

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Aug 11, 2016 SV El Salvador
This is part of our series celebrating the unifying spirit of the summer games. El Salvador is one of 28 Kiva countries that have never won a medal, so we’re rallying to show our support through loans this month! Team Kiva for the win!
Nestled in the mountains of Central America is the smallest but most densely populated country in the region, El Salvador. Home to more than 6 million people, El Salvador has yet to win a medal in the Olympic games. But medals certainly aren’t the only currency for success, and El Salvador can boast it’s home...
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