Amy was born in Washington DC where she was taught growing up that travel was the best form of education and fell in love with exploring the world and learning about new cultures at an early age. She got her BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from Wesleyan University and spent the year following college teaching Special Ed Kindergarten. Feeling the need to do something more tangible after the 2004 Tsunami, she went to Thailand to volunteer and then explored other parts of S.E. Asia. A one way ticket landed her in San Francisco, where she has lived for the last seven years spending weekends rock climbing and camping, and fitting in trips to dive or explore new countries. She has been working at Google since 2006 on various start-up products. She's spent the last three years on the Politics and Issue Advocacy team, an exciting role that has allowed her to glimpse the inner working of a presidential campaign, attend a convention, and fly to DC every few weeks which makes her family endlessly happy. Her intentions have always been to work internationally in the social enterprise space, so she is incredibly excited to head to Nairobi, Kenya on a Kiva Fellowship and can't wait for whatever the next chapter holds!

Fellows Blog Posts by Amy Barth

Mar 21, 2013 GO Global Update

I met Eunice due to an emergency Kiva Fellows situation -- Liz, our incredibly talented media fellow needed to film a bee hive inspection at night, and we had no lights. Luckily, I noticed a ‘Solar Solutions’ shop across the street, we ran over to see what we could find. After a few minutes of chatting we discovered Eunice had a BrightBox fully charged and that she was willing to...

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Feb 14, 2013 KE Kenya

Six people, picked to be Kiva fellows. NOT picked to all live in the same house. But doing it anyways because apparently it’s harder than one thinks to find a four bedroom apartment in Nairobi! Nairobi is overrun with Kiva fellows. Lucky for us, Katrina, who has extended from KF19, has been kind enough to let us crash with her and her new roommate Rachel, also from KF19. We have overrun their house - Felipe on the couch, Amy and Katrina in twin... Continue Reading >>