Andy is from Seattle, went to college in San Diego, and lives in New York City. In order to join KF21, Andy is taking a leave of absence from Ernst & Young where he works as a financial consultant leading projects focused on risk management, regulatory compliance, and transaction advisory. Andy’s role has allowed him to better understand the drivers of a sound business – from a company’s essential supporting functions up through the importance of having a strong leadership team. During college, Andy played on a nationally ranked 1-AA football team, was an editor and columnist for the school’s newspaper, gave campus tours to prospective students, and held leadership positions within four prominent on-campus organizations. Once he graduated, Andy was elected to the Board of Directors of an international non-profit which gave him the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in strategic planning, international expansion, and business development. Being a Pacific Northwest native, Andy enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with his family. He is looking forward to being part of the KF21 and to work with people who are motivated to alleviate poverty around the world.

Fellows Blog Posts by Andy Kaestle

Sep 10, 2013 PH Philippines

As my time in the Philippines draws to a close, I want to take some time to reflect on the places I have had the opportunity to visit. I would like to preface this post by saying that during the week, I was actually working - I promise. However, those 48 hours in between Friday and Monday were just enough time to head out to the beach, scale a volcano, practice my karaoke, or visit nearby historical sites. The common question seems to be "which place was your favorite"....well, that question is rather impossible to answer without two or three caveats, so the below list of 'must-dos'...

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Jul 15, 2013 PH Philippines

Getting properly acquainted with a new culture inevitably involves exploring the local cuisine. Easier said than done in some places….it’s rather simple to say to yourself, ‘sure, I’d eat that’, but would you? Well I’ve got some good news – in preparation for your future trip (that you may or may not be making) to the Philippines, I have done the dirty work for you. And I am happy to report that every single one of the dishes listed below will leave you hungry for more. Just…maybe don’t look at or think about what you’re actually eating. That said, I would like to add that Filipino food... Continue Reading >>

Jul 10, 2013 PH Philippines

Many of Kiva’s partners continue to extend the reach of microfinance, and one such example of this is Philippines-based partner Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF). In recent months, NWTF has embraced Kiva’s renewed focus on catalytic loan products and has introduced a program dedicated toward offering community-impact loans to clients. The program is targeted at enterprises that can add significant value to poor communities, in terms of number of people positively impacted. NWTF offers flexible, low-interest financing for these projects that caters to the...

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Jun 26, 2013 PH Philippines

They say that no matter where you’re from, the Philippines is like home. After spending my first few weeks here, I have to say it certainly gives off that 'homey' vibe.
While waiting for the final leg of my trip, a short flight from Manila to Bacolod, about 15,000 miles from New York, I met Terry and Ray - a couple in their mid-60s headed 'home' to visit friends and family. Turns out they were also coming from the northeast – they live in New Jersey and work just a few streets from my apartment in New York.
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