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Aug 22, 2012 IN India, PK Pakistan

My final Borrower Verification trip was to the village of Vehari, visiting Khursheed Bibi. We had attempted to meet her almost a week ago, but the morning of our appointment, her sister had unexpectedly passed away.

Leaving Lahore at 7 a.m., we encountered the first of our two hartals (demonstrations) of the day — tires ablaze, cars overturned and police nowhere in sight.

Protest in Lahore (Image courtesy of Dawn News)

The protest was against the...

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Aug 3, 2012 PK Pakistan

Racing against the onset of monsoon season and the holy month of fasting, Ramadan, my female colleague Shazia and I challenged ourselves to travel 1,500 km across South Punjab to meet with seven borrowers in three days.

The mission was to complete an audit of sorts, known as a “borrower verification.”

What may seem like an awkward, laborious task is in fact most fellows’ favourite part of their fellowship — the chance to travel and meet borrowers in the flesh.

To meet Rani, we had to park our car under the sole tree on that lane...

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Jul 12, 2012

By Anya Raza | KF18 | Pakistan

Secretly, every fellow really just wants to be in the field.

The thrill-seekers in us wish to go to obscure far-flung places, desperate and desolate, yet magical in our minds.

In my case, not even our car breaking down could hold me back. So off we went, three women on a dusty road. Sometimes we need life to slow down around us, to match the pace of our surroundings. As we moseyed our way through the village, we passed a local mela (fair), complete with food stands, game stalls and a theme park.

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Jun 28, 2012

Nested in an awkward applause of jubilation upon our arrival to Pakistan, I abandon the safety of the aircraft thick with the aroma of curry, for a welcome into a city veiled under the weight of yet another blackout.

Despite my 2 AM arrival, I am received with large smiles and a plate full of mouth-watering nihari, a local breakfast delicacy.

Pakistan, a country known for its blatant contradictions – political and cultural, is an exciting place to arrive as a Kiva Fellow.

Within a few hours of my arrival the Pakistani public is taking to the streets,...

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