Having visited every country that starts with Q, Apryl considers herself particularly well-traveled. Upon earning a degree in Spanish, Peace Corps sent her to Bulgaria. Finding herself hooked, she returned multiple times in different roles until Peace Corps told her to leave because it was shutting down operations in the country. She then moved to the Dominican Republic, where she led volunteer experiences with Outreach360. She has also lived and worked in Spain, Guatemala, and Turkey. Apryl holds a BA in Spanish from La Sierra University and an MIA from Columbia University. She loves variety in all forms, reading listicles entitled “Ways to Tell You’re an Extroverted Introvert”, and learning words in languages with no English equivalent. Returning to her beloved California to work with the Kiva team feels like a bilita mpash.

Kiva Blog Updates

Mar 28, 2023 KV Kiva HQ

At any given moment, Kiva’s website hosts thousands of borrower profiles and loan requests from all corners of the globe. As a result, many of these profiles require review as well as translation or editing before being made visible to the public. This is where the Review and Translation Program (RTP) steps in. 

RTP comprises hundreds of volunteers who review, translate, and edit loans daily to see them fundraise on the Kiva site. These individuals typically review about 16,000+ loans per month. Just last year, they contributed to over $143 million in funded loans....

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