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Apr 4, 2010 AM Armenia

By Alexis Ohanian, KF10 Armenia. He co-founded reddit, started a company called breadpig, and loves lavash.

A business reporter I’ve befriended here in Yerevan once told me, “There’s one thing you can guarantee any businessman in Armenia will say in an interview — just ask him if his company is profitable. He’ll always say no.”

Only profitable companies pay taxes. There’s no reason to boast about being profitable – especially when it comes time to (...

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Mar 3, 2010 AM Armenia

If it weren’t for a genocide, I wouldn’t be writing this.  It’s taken me twenty-six years, but I’m finally back in the country my great grandparents fled in 1915 after the Armenian Genocide took the lives of all of their parents — right in front of their eyes.

You see, I’m half Armenian (the surname is the giveaway) and half German, but American-born.  And if I hadn’t been lucky enough to enter this world in a Manhattan maternity ward, I sincerely doubt I’d have been able to have the...

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