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Oct 15, 2010

On behalf of the Kiva Fellows Class 12, I’d like to give a huge welcome to the newest graduates from Kiva Fellows training: Welcome KF13!

Soon you will be embarking on adventures all across the world, meeting with Kiva’s partner micro-finance institutions, rushing around to find suitable (and affordable) accommodation, adjusting to the time change, or the food, and of course, blogging yourselves on the Kiva Fellows blog.

Enjoy your fellowships- I think I can speak for KF12 when I say that it feels like only yesterday we had just finished our own...

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Sep 23, 2010 KE Kenya

Today we’d like to give a very special thank you to one of our top individual lenders, Brian!

Brian is a University Chancellor in Fairbanks, Alaska, and has been lending on Kiva for nearly 5 years. With 3,046 loans, Brian has literally uplifted thousands of lives all over the world through micro-finance. Having a personal connection is crucial to our mission at Kiva, and so in thanks for his continuous support, one of the borrowers he has lended to has a very special video message for Brian.

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Aug 24, 2010 KE Kenya

By Brittany Boroian, Kiva Fellow Class 12 with Faulu Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya

It all started last Monday with a cold. I downed orange juice, popped some sudafed, and went through two boxes of tissues.

A day later, I found myself in St. Theresa’s Ward of Nairobi Hospital.

Monday night my cold continued to get worse, which wasn’t too helpful considering I had a huge report to write for work and I had already missed one day. Sleeping proved to be impossible, and I stayed up until 5 AM trying every remedy I could think of– hot showers, cups upon...

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Aug 16, 2010 KE Kenya

By Brittany Boroian, Kiva Fellow Class 12 with Faulu Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya

Hello Kiva readers! My name is Brittany Boroian, and this is my first post on the Kiva Fellows blog! I am a Class 12 Kiva Fellow working with Faulu Kenya, one of the largest micro-finance institutions in Kenya. I have worked with micro-finance in Asia and South America, and this is my first time to Africa.

I’ve only been in Kenya a few days, but one realization that has been apparent to me immediately in East Africa is the sense of community with your co-workers.

I think that the...

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