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Mar 22, 2011 RW Rwanda

During my 5+ months here in Rwanda, I’ve made myself at home in Kigali, and adapted to the Rwandese lifestyle.  I have also picked up some…interesting habits, many of which will not translate when I return home to the US in June.  Below are a handful of quirks that I have acquired during my crash-course in Rwandese culture:

1)      Hissing

Here in Rwanda, it’s acceptable to hiss at someone in order to get their attention.  A simple “tsssss!” is effective for: attracting the attention of a moto-taxi, calling a waiter or bartender, getting someone’s attention on the street,...

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Dec 5, 2010 RW Rwanda

  During my first day at Amasezerano Community Bank (ACB), I learned that “Amasezerano” is the Kinyarwanda word for “Promise”. After being here for just about a month now, I have to say that this word is a good fit for Kiva’s new partner MFI in Kigali, Rwanda. ACB, though young and still fairly small, is having an effect on the community through its diverse loan products and dedicated staff. But most importantly, Amasezerano is able to help its community because this institution understands its clients well.

 Amasezerano was founded in 2006 with the help of African Evangelical...

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