Casey Miller is the content and media coordinator at Kiva in the Portland offices. She began her journey with Kiva as a New Media and Branding intern in the summer of 2019 before continuing on as the content and media coordinator, now managing Kiva's social media accounts and the Kiva blog. Casey graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Journalism, and still uses this journalistic background in her storytelling at Kiva. With a passion for travel and cultural exchange, Casey seeks to spread the stories of our cultures and communities for those whose voices are often ignored.  

Kiva Blog Updates

Feb 17, 2020 KV Kiva HQ

This piece was written by Elisha Hodgson, who has been working as a Community Support associate at Kiva for over a year now in our Portland offices. Doing double-duty, he also serves at Portland's office vibe manager.



So, what’s it like working on the Community Support and Engagement (CS) team at Kiva?

On the surface, the experience of responding to inquiries all day seems to be a bit straight-...

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Feb 5, 2020 KV Kiva HQ

In 2019, Kiva branched out in a big way. From Protocol to Kiva Capital, we have ever more reasons to depend on our editing and translating volunteers for the loan review process. This community of over 430 Review and Translation Program (RTP) volunteers regularly review 16k loan profiles each month (the current record is 21,221 profiles c. December 2018!) before they go live to -- thus bolstering Kiva’s due diligence process.

While the lender community chooses from the many diverse loan options that volunteers review, it’s important to note...

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Jan 27, 2020 KV Kiva HQ

This post was written by Sree Kotipalli, the Kiva Fellows and Interns Program intern.


This week, we welcomed 11 interns into our Kiva family! This marks our 25th cohort of interns and the very first time that we’ve hosted training week in Portland.

Our impressive cohort was selected out of a competitive pool of over 250 applicants. These interns will now go on to work with nine different teams across our offices in San Francisco, Portland and New York City.

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Jan 21, 2020 KV Kiva HQ

Go to the gym! Floss more! Eat healthier! Read more! Learn a new language!

We all have New Year’s resolutions, and some are harder to keep than others. But what if we told you that the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep takes only 90 seconds and makes a difference year-round?

It’s time to sign up for Monthly Good if you want to make a difference in 2020.

With Monthly Good, lending has never been easier. All you have to do...

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Jan 6, 2020 KV Kiva HQ

What an awe-inspiring holiday season we had here at Kiva — and it was all thanks to you, the heartbeat of the Kiva community! We want to highlight and share the global impact you’ve made over the past month.


First of all, we had a record-breaking Giving Tuesday on December 3! We’re so humbled by how many individuals chose to give. The generous contributions of 20,000 individual people will go towards a number of impactful places:


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Dec 4, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

As a new or frequent lender, there may be times when you’re confused about the process of Kiva loans.

Well, we have answers!

The life of a loan starts with the borrower’s application. Kiva loan applications are facilitated in two ways, by Field Partners (partner loans) and directly by Kiva (direct loans), that enable us to reach the greatest number of people around the world. For most loans outside the United States, borrowers apply to a local Field Partner, a local organization that manages the Kiva loan process. For entrepreneurs in the United States and...

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Dec 2, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

For every $1 donated, Kiva can facilitate $8 in loans!


We know you come to Kiva to lend — but we rely on optional donations from lenders like you to reach financially excluded people all over the world! Here’s why:

1. A loan is different from a donation!

A loan
is the money you send to our incredible borrowers around the world. These loans change lives for men, women, and children every day. From farmers to students...

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Nov 28, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

Thank you for the impact you’ve made this year! Together we’ve funded more than 170,000 loans and raised more than $120 million for financially excluded people around the world. It costs us more than $3 to facilitate each $25 loan. Since every dollar lent on Kiva goes to the field, we rely on optional donations from individuals like you to cover our operating costs. Every dollar makes an impact on our progress and the borrowers we serve.

But what do your donations really do? Here are just a few highlights from this year that could not have happened...

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Nov 27, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

Welcome to Nehalem, Oregon, a town full of hardworking men and women who have left their office careers for more hands-on work in rough fields and muddy waters. It’s become a Kiva community as well, with borrowers who have taken out loans for everything from irrigation equipment to restaurant renovation.

Nehalem is a small town situated on the northern Oregon coast, just over an hour west of Portland.


Patrick Rock, co-owner of local restaurant...

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Nov 14, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

Many of our Kiva borrowers are entrepreneurs who need Kiva microloans to pursue their passions, whether it’s to expand their current business or create a new one. Here at Kiva, we love supporting our past borrowers who have successfully established their businesses thanks to Kiva loans. Read on to learn about all of the ways lenders can continue supporting our borrowers even after they’ve repaid their loans!


Apothecary Muse

The perfect cross...
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