Casey Miller is Kiva's content strategist in the Portland offices. She began her journey with Kiva as a New Media and Branding intern, then contracted as the content and media coordinator, now working full-time as a content strategist. Casey graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Journalism, and still uses this journalistic background in her storytelling at Kiva. With a passion for travel and cultural exchange, Casey seeks to spread the stories of our cultures and communities for those whose voices are often ignored.  

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Sep 23, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

“Rocky pays the rent.”

That’s what the Clinton Street Theater’s previous owner told Lani Jo Leigh as he left the decrepit building, formerly a neighborhood historical landmark, in a state of disrepair.

Lani Jo Leigh stands proudly in front of the renovated concession stand that she used a Kiva loan to purchase.

“He burned all his bridges with distributors and left the place a really, really big mess” by the time Lani became the owner of the Portland...

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Sep 7, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

Amit Pansare is a senior engineer and software developer at Kiva. He’s been at the company for nearly 5 years altogether and continues to demonstrate his Kiva passion every day! 

Interview conducted by Casey Miller and Claire Primack; photography by Euri Park.

Fun fact: Amit’s greatest influence is his grandfather, who “made an effort to make sure that somebody's education is paid for” even when they didn’t have a car. To this day, Amit is grateful and throws his efforts into doing good while...
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Sep 2, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

Many of our Kiva borrowers are entrepreneurs who need Kiva microloans to pursue their passions, whether it’s to expand their current business or create a new one. Here at Kiva, we love supporting our past borrowers who have successfully established their businesses thanks to Kiva loans. Read on to learn about all of the ways lenders can continue supporting our borrowers even after they’ve repaid their loans!

The Xocolate Bar 

Organic and...
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Aug 14, 2019 KV Kiva HQ

When 12-year-old Hewett Polliack was asked what he wanted to do for his bar mitzvah project, he knew he wanted to pursue his interests of “business, invention and helping people succeed.” With that in mind and with the help of his parents, Hewett set out to raise money for Kiva loans through a bake sale at his local temple where he was participating in the Jewish coming-of-age ritual.

For the bar mitzvah process, young people will often take on a charity or community service project. After Hewett heard his mother talk about Kiva’s mission to crowdfund microloans...

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