After about four years in London working in consulting, Charli left to change her career focus to nonprofit and humanitarian work. From volunteering at a Greek refugee camp to now starting to work with Kiva in Latin America. Charli has lived in five countries, travelled to many more, and hopes to continue exploring the world.


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Apr 23, 2018 BO Bolivia

Mariluz turning cusi nuts into the prized cusi oil

The moment we step under the palm thatched roof, it starts to drizzle. “You brought the rain!” jokes Mariluz, the borrower I have come to visit. Her home, in the northeastern corner of Bolivia, is a simple, 2-room set up, with the thatched roof covering the area that fronts it. This is where she works and where 2 of her youngest play in a hammock, a parrot sometimes joining them. Around us is lush greenery, thanks to a long rainy season and,...

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