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Mar 8, 2011 GH Ghana

By Mei-Ing Cheok, KF 14, Ghana

Weekly meeting for these borrowers

A woman’s role is at home – mainly, in the kitchen – and her chief responsibility is to make babies. Education is not important. In fact, if a woman gets too educated, she might not be able to get a husband. How then, would she make babies?

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Mar 7, 2011 BO Bolivia

Contributions from Kiva Fellows around the globe, compiled by Mei-ing Cheok.

Solidarity - A group of Ghanaian women after their weekly meeting with their loan officer

The beauty of microfinance is that it gives people at the wrong end of the income spectrum opportunities to step out of the poverty trap. It also provides women the confidence and security that comes from earning their own income, leading to greater gender equality.

Financially and...

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Mar 2, 2011 GH Ghana

What does the delicious piece of tuna sashimi you are about to pop in your mouth have to do with microfinance and alleviating poverty in Ghana? Perhaps more than you would expect.

 At a recent staff meeting at the Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN), one of Kiva’s Field Partners, a loan officer from the Elmina branch said that the recent ban on light fishing was affecting their loan disbursements and repayments from some clients. My ears perked up.

The busy Elmina fish market...

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Feb 8, 2011 GH Ghana

By Mei-ing Cheok, KF14, Ghana

With CRAN volunteer, Jonanthan, in tow, AB signals that he needs a ride for two

When I first arrived in Accra, Ghana about a week ago for my Kiva Fellowship, I had to find my way to Cape Coast, where my microfinance institute, Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN), is located.  These were the instructions I got from Jacqueline, another Kiva Fellow, whom I was replacing at CRAN:

  • Take a taxi across...
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