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Jan 20, 2010 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs, KF9 Philippines, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

One Great Center

I wanted to share with you one of the many finished products that a Kiva Fellow creates. In this case it is a mass journal. Each Kiva Fellow is expected at some point during their fellowship to write a personal entry to all the lenders that have made a loan through a particular field partner. Part of the mass journal should also clear up the relationship of field partners to...

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Jan 18, 2010 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs, KF9 Philippines, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

Have you ever had a dream. Sure you have. We all have.

I have created a short video in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and the women of Negros, Philippines to remind us all that it is important to dream and dream big.

Spending the last three months in the Philippines has been an amazing experience. I have traveled to meet many Kiva entrepreneurs all over the island of Negros, and no matter what I find a way to ask about their dreams. There is no doubt this has been the most inspirational part...

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Jan 13, 2010 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs, KF9 Philippines, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

A great entrepreneur!

By now you have probably had a chance to make a loan on Kiva.org and if not you are thinking about it.  Either way you are probably thinking about how does the loan get made in the field.  Well like you I wondered this until I became a Kiva Fellow. Now that I have spent 3 months in the field,  I can honestly say I know how the lending process works.

Let me just say...

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Dec 17, 2009 PH Philippines

Sharing snack with the Galvez family


have just spent the last three days sweating, bumping, and meeting new borrowers out in the field. My butt is exhausted from sitting on endless metal seats transporting me from one borrower interview to the next.  I have met some incredible women along the way, but I have reached a point at the end of the third day, when I am exhausted and think I can take no more. Then I meet one of the most amazing families.

Little did I...

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Dec 14, 2009 PH Philippines

By Edward O. Coambs Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Philippines


Please give the video a few minutes to load, it is well worth the watch.

Lorna Sagario has just shared her business with you. She makes clay pots for a living. When I came to center 35 to observe their weekly repayment meeting I was met with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Of all the centers that I have visited center 35 was particularly welcoming...

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Nov 27, 2009 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs, Philippines, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation


I have created this short video to show you what my room at Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation looks like. I have been so blessed because as I have talked with my other Kiva Fellows I learned how good I have it. I have hot water, cable (really only National Geographic and Discovery, which more then I have at home in the U.S.) , minifridge, and a flushing toilet. These things are all...

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Oct 27, 2009 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Bacolod Philippines


It is time to smile! That’s right Bacolod, Philippines has a festival that is committed to smiling. After all the city is also known as the city of smiles. I have had the distinct please of witnessing bright colors, load music and smelling chicken roasting on an open BBQ.

During the third week of October every year...

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Oct 18, 2009 PH Philippines

By Ed Coambs kf9, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

I am standing in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport October 13, enjoying one last long hug from my wife before I depart on my travels to Bacolod, Philippines. Little do I know the many lessons that I will learn over the next three days. My travels start with no problems as I board my plane in Charlotte at 6:10 am for departure to Cleveland, OH. The flight goes smoothly to Cleveland and I will have a few quick minutes to grab breakfast before my next leg of my flight to San Francisco. I had...

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Sep 24, 2009 PH Philippines

Hello All Fans of Kiva,

My name is Ed Coambs and I am very excited to be joining the Kiva fellows team. I am in San Francisco, CA and the weather is great, the other fellows are amazing and soon I will have great stories from the Philippines to share.

Best Wishes,


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