Cooper Fitzgerald grew up in Maine with a business mind as he owned and operated a local food truck during high school. Cooper has interned with an alternative energy company in Maine as well as a consulting firm based out of Boston serving entrepreneurs in developing countries. He recently graduated from Colorado College with a degree in International Political Economy and Spanish. Having spent extensive time abroad, especially in developing countries, Cooper has fostered a special interest in innovation, entrepreneurship and their stimulation of economic growth and political inclusivity.

Fellows Blog Posts by Cooper Fitzgerald

Aug 10, 2016 GO Global Update

I am writing this blog from a cafe in Jaen, Peru. By my estimation I am the only white person in the entire city. I’ve come to this conclusion on account of not seeing anyone overtly non-Peruvian and being regularly stared at with great skepticism. Obviously, I have no qualms about being in such a scenario – it’s simply something I have never experienced. The first month and a half of my fellowship was spent in Cusco, Peru, a city stocked with foreign travelers making their way to Macchu Picchu, Canyon de Colca, Lake Titicaca or enjoying the nearby attractions. Cut to Jaen, Peru, a city of... Continue Reading >>

Jul 27, 2016 GO Global Update

In anticipation of my fellowship in Peru, I hopped on the computer and began taking a look at potential living situations. All fellowships carry a certain level of ambiguity with them, so signing month-long leases generally doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Fellows are frequent visitors of temporary housing sites such as Couchingsurfing, Airbnb, Homeaway,, etc. While browsing, I found a private room with all the necessary amenities and a 15-minute walk from work. For just ten dollars a night, I figured it would suffice. Twenty minutes after booking the room, I... Continue Reading >>