Elliott grew up in New England and had the good fortune of early exposure to the Spanish language and to the joys of outdoor adventures. Over the years he has visited 18 countries, including Argentina, Denmark, and Nepal. His professional pursuits thus far have included wilderness trip leader, contractor's side kick, and most recently, project manager and strategist at a health tech company in Madison, WI. His interest in micro-finance was sparked by reading Muhammad Yunus' book "Banker to the Poor," and he's excited for the opportunity to return to Latin America and get engaged through Kiva. When not at work he enjoys spending time cycling, running, hiking, and cooking with friends.

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Oct 22, 2018 CO Colombia

Passengers file out of a metro stop

Medellín, Colombia – a bustling city of 2.5 million inhabitants is located in central Colombia at an altitude of just under 5,000 feet, running north to south with mountains abutting it on all sides. Although many westerners may continue to associate Medellín with the country’s history of drug-related violence, residents of the region know the city for its vibrant culture and favorable climate. In fact, Medellín is known colloquially as “la Ciudad de la...

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