As a recent graduate from Mills College, with a BA in Spanish, Latin American Studies and a minor in Journalism, Esther is hoping the Kiva Fellowship will utilize her skills and grant a real world application of her studies. A previous Public Relations intern at Kiva's San Francisco headquarters, Esther is hoping to gather valuable content and story material while out in the field. But most importantly, she's pleased to continue her contribution to such a remarkable organization.

Fellows Blog Posts by Esther R. Honig

Jun 26, 2013 CL Chile


A little more than an hour north of Santiago, Chile sits Cartagena. Like an old ship left in the harbor, this coastal town is slowly rotting away — its sidewalks are crumbling, its mostly abandoned houses and buildings are collapsing, and the streetlights rust and flicker. Looking...

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Jun 8, 2013 CL Chile

A Kiva borrower in Talca, Chile These days, Silicon Valley culture can be found many miles south of northern California. The fever around innovative startups has crossed the border, spreading to nearly every country in the Americas.  From Rio de Janeiro to Bogota, Latin American cities are trying to generate that startup environment that’s proven so effective at reinvigorating the business market and attracting foreign investors. One of the first cities, with arguably the most interesting and innovative program so far, is Santiago. The government-led incubator, Start-... Continue Reading >>

Apr 6, 2013 CL Chile

49 years ago marks the anniversary of the original 9/11, when in 1973 the widely supported nationalist regime of Chilean President, Salvador Allende was overthrown by militant leader Augusto Pinochet.

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Mar 20, 2013 CL Chile

Empanadas de pino
      Carolina Agurto is a 25 year-old native to Cauquenes (two hours outside the city of Chilian). In college she studied Social Work, because “that’s what I felt I was meant to do” she explains. "For me there was no other carreer." Carolina has been a loan officer in Fondo Esperanza since 2011, and although she admits the work is tiring, she loves it, “no other position allows you to spend this much time in... Continue Reading >>

Mar 6, 2013 CL Chile

Irma at her Soda Fountain
“Look,” says Irma, staring me straight in the eye. “I started my business with very little.” In Rauco, Chile, a small rural town a few hours south of Santiago, Irma and I sit at a small fold out table at Irma’s Fuente de soda, a... Continue Reading >>