Florence grew up in Lyon, France and trained as an engineer. She spent 8 years specializing in supply chain and logistics, helping companies improve their operational processes and later managing operations in warehousing. A first job in Singapore led her to visit Southeast Asia and revealed her passion for travelling, from the Chilean deserts to the jungle of Borneo. Discovering the world outside of her home country also fueled her growing interest for social impact. She spent 2 months volunteering in Bangladesh in 2012 where she discovered microcredit. Last year, she pursued her MBA at INSEAD, graduating in 2016, to gain a broader perspective and expand her knowledge of strategy and finance. In her free time, she loves snowboarding and kitesurfing.


Fellows Blog Posts by Florence Lepelletier

Dec 12, 2016 BF Burkina Faso

A wonderful night under the stars in the small village of Tiebele - thanks to new my best friend the mosquito net!
I have explored the Macchu Picchu in Peru and witnessed the tranquil peace of temples in Bagan, Myanmar. I have visited the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh and I have seen the breathtaking Ajmer Palace in India. But I’d never been to Africa. And never yet to a country that ranked 183 out of 187 on the UNDP Human Development Index in 2014. So when arriving in Burkina Faso two months ago, I didn’t... Continue Reading >>

Nov 11, 2016 BF Burkina Faso

October 2016. Three people, one car, and a long day ahead. For the first time of my fellowship here, I will be out of Ouagadougou, for the first time I will be meeting borrowers’ groups. And no less than 4 are scheduled today! I feel so excited to finally be out there meeting Kiva’s and Microstart’s borrowers!
First borrowers' visit out in the field!
Fast forward… October 2016, at the end of a very long day. Three people. One car. 3 chickens. MY chickens. Because I’m Nassara (the local word for “white person”),... Continue Reading >>