Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Ines has long had a passion for traveling and exploring. During her last year of high school she served as a community work volunteer in an isolated community in the mountains of Puebla, Mexico. This wonderfully challenging and enriching experience triggered a now deep-seated desire to learn from other cultures and lifestyles. Ines then decided to take a gap year in China, working as a teacher assistant in a primary school in Beijing, followed by a few months of backpacking through Asia and Europe. Through such experiences, she gained a lot of cultural sensitivity and awareness of the need for social commitment in all its forms, and realized that a fundamental understanding of a variety of disciplines would be instrumental in making a positive impact in the world. As such, she decided to opt for an Honors Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, which included an exchange year in Australia. Ines has been a Kiva lender for years now and, having recently graduated, she is very keen on embarking on an adventure where not only can she put her skills to good use, but do so whilst working together with Kiva and One Acre Fund (Kenya) in such inspiring and impactful projects.

Fellows Blog Posts by Ines Eguiagaray

Nov 8, 2014 KE Kenya

For my Kiva Fellowship I was very lucky to have been placed with One Acre Fund, one of Kiva’s Field Partners in Kenya. I have been in this beautiful country serving as a Fellow for a month and a half, learning about microfinance and its impact at a local level and... I think it’s time for an update!
About One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund is a non-profit organization that supplies smallholder farmers with the tools and financing they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty....
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