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Oct 28, 2009 TG Togo

By Jessica Chervin, KF9 Togo

Yesterday evening, West Africa made me giddy.

I have been in Togo for almost five months, and in West Africa for almost nine.  Here, my senses are never neutral.  The most lovely moments are tempered by inconvenience.  My daily moto rides to and from Microfund are at once thrilling and relaxing, but the soot and smell of burning garbage, the potholes that make Lome’s boulevards feel like urban mogul fields, and the passage by open landfills smack in the middle of the capital, tinge the experience with unpleasantness.  Sensory and...

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Mar 20, 2009 ML Mali

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Koumantou, Mali to visit with several solidarity group clients of Soro Yiriwaso.  The women of the Groupe Kokatia graciously allowed me to film the financing of their loan.  Solidarity loans are used broadly at Soro Yiriwaso, and among many of Kiva’s field partner institutions. The strength of a community of women is indeed universal!

I hope that you will enjoy this short movie—the magnicent colors and smiles, in particular.

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Feb 22, 2009 ML Mali

By Jessica Chervin, KF7 Mali

Save for the high beams of the Land Cruiser and a few fluorescent lamps, I couldn’t see much as we drove off the paved road and onto a bumpy street, nestled deep within the quartier Cité UNICEF, a relatively poor neighborhood of Bamako (the capital of Mali) and my home base for the next few months. Then, from the darkness and dust, it rose: a glistening yellow building that, against the local backdrop, appeared rather like Oz…

I am Jessica Chervin, age 24, from New York, New York, and a proud member of the seventh class of Kiva Fellows...

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