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Nov 18, 2011 CR Costa Rica

Oxen hauling coffee harvests in La Sierra, Platanares, Costa Rica.

 By Julie Kerr, KF16, Costa Rica  Part 2:  Microfinance Models in Costa Rica – Featuring FUDECOSUR   (See Part 1 for details on how FUDECOSUR’s village banking model works)  

The warm red earth pulls me in, as I follow FUDECOSUR loan officers on...

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Oct 6, 2011 CR Costa Rica

One of FUDECOSUR’s 45 Village Banks - Pueblo Nuevo, Región Brunca, Costa Rica

By Julie Kerr, KF16, Costa Rica Part 1:  Microfinance Models in Costa Rica – Featuring FUDECOSUR   (Check out Part 2 for more adventures in FUDECSOUR village banking)  

Bump-duh-duh-thump-thump, Bump-duh-duh-thump-thump, Bump-duh-duh-thump-thump WHUMP!!!

So goes the rockin’ and rollin’ commute to remote villages...

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