Growing up in a small town in East Tennessee, Kacki was drawn to people with different backgrounds and wanted to explore the world. She studied Intercultural Studies for Business at Wofford College in South Carolina. During this time she studied abroad in Spain, Cuba, and Brazil. After graduating, Kacki headed to Costa Rica for an internship and also spent time volunteering on an eco-farm in a rural town. She returned to Atlanta, Georgia where she gained a strong foundation in business skills working for BB&T Bank and Northwestern Benefits Corporation. Missing the excitement of Latin America, Kacki moved to Santiago, Chile where she became TEFL-certified and an English Instructor working with high-level executives on improving their English. Loving the field of education, she returned to the United States for graduate school at the School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont where she received her Master’s in International Education. This led her to work in Mexico and Belize for four years with ProWorld Service Corps, a small international sustainable development organization. She was promoted to Country Director and managed the site in Oaxaca, Mexico. Following her time in Mexico she went to Washington D.C. to work for Georgetown University in the Office of International Programs. After three years, she is ready to get back to living life in Latin America and help create positive change!

Fellows Blog Posts by Kacki Kammann

Nov 29, 2013 EC Ecuador

In the United States, during these months a traditional holiday meal usually includes a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, salad, and lots of dessert. For the US holiday of Thanksgiving, this menu is so traditional that many do not even consider being able to fully celebrate Thanksgiving unless there is turkey involved. As most countries have their traditional holiday meals, right now in Ecuador many areas preparing for their traditional feast as the December holidays are right around the corner. Instead of fattening up turkeys like in the US, many small farmers in Ecuador are... Continue Reading >>

Nov 16, 2013 EC Ecuador

Many of the Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) that Kiva partners with include poverty alleviation in their mission statements. To fulfill this mission, many MFIs realize that administering micro-loans needs to be combined with other supplemental support activities to be able to sustainably bring people out of poverty. Some services that MFIs offer can range from financial management courses, community development projects, business planning for new entrepreneurs, health insurance packages for entire families, just to name a few. They understand that the roots of poverty are much more than... Continue Reading >>

Oct 25, 2013 EC Ecuador

US one-dollar coins
For those of you in the United States, when was the last time you paid for something or received change with a one-dollar coin? It is probably a rare occurrence, but not too surprising when it does happen. These coins are the Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, or Presidential dollars. Since the 1970s millions of one-dollar coins have been put in circulation, but when we need to use a dollar in the United States, it is the paper money we usually exchange.   Did you know that in the country of Ecuador... Continue Reading >>