Kari is a Bay Area native, but a world traveler at heart. Her most recent travels abroad include a year in Southeast Asia, based in Vietnam. While there, she worked with underserved students, studied Vietnamese and explored microlending with Kiva. Kari returned to San Francisco to intern with Kiva's Community Support to educate fellow Kiva lenders about microfinance. Now Kari is eager to transition to borrower work with innovative Field Partners in Laos and Vietnam and rekindle her love affair with rice noodles.

Fellows Blog Posts by Kari Derenzi

May 31, 2015 LA Laos

The first TerraClear sales event of the day starts early so the director and I are on the road at 6:30 AM this Tuesday morning. The goal is to get to the sales event an hour early to help the sales team set up. The sales team arrives even earlier to go door to door and personally invite the village residents to join the clean water discussion taking place later.  The official village leader, or headman, is the point of contact for the whole village. The sales team generally contacts him the night before an event to ask about the clean water status of the village. If TerraClear water... Continue Reading >>

May 1, 2015 VN Vietnam

A man overlooks the crowd gathering to watch the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition on the Han River on April 29, 2015.
It's April 30, 2015, or 40 years to the day since the Vietnam war ended. If you didn't already know, you might not guess it walking the streets of Da Nang, Vietnam's central hub and quickly developing showcase city. Aside from the national flags lining the pavement and grainy war footage accompanying commemorative ceremonies on TV, it's not immediately obvious. Da Nang's bi-annual... Continue Reading >>