A native of Palm City, Florida, Katrina is a graduate of the University of Virginia (UVA) with a bachelor of arts in biology and in economics. Following UVA, she moved to Ak-Olong, Kyrgyzstan as a community development specialist with the Peace Corps to work with a local non-governmental organization supporting improved access to healthcare and livelihood-building activities. After two years in Central Asia, Katrina relocated to New York City to pursue a master of international affairs at Columbia University, then joined the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008. Having most recently led the CGI America program focused on economic growth and long-term competitiveness in the United States, Katrina is now looking forward to transitioning back into the international development field as a Kiva Fellow.

Fellows Blog Posts by Katrina Ngo

May 1, 2014 GO Global Update

Before coming to Isebania, Kenya, I knew little of the daily struggles of a smallholder farmer in the developing world. How his or her year could be determined by the whims of the weather. In Isebania, there are no irrigation systems, and farmers plan their lives around two rainfall seasons—the “long rains” from February to July and the “short rains” from October to December. For the majority of families in Isebania and the larger region of Kuria West, it is the outcome of these harvest seasons that determine how much food will be on the table, if school fees can be paid, and if additional... Continue Reading >>