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May 27, 2011
It's been 7 months since Jonathon Stalls completed his incredible cross-country Kivawalk. His 3,030 mile journey inspired countless supporters across the country and reminded us to enjoy every step that life allows us. Although his Kivawalk adventure has come to an end, Jonathon continues to support Kiva and other causes in his Colorado community. In a special update below, we find out...
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Apr 12, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Last month thousands of you joined us, in over 225 theaters nationwide, for the screening of To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America. The film, directed by Gayle Ferraro, follows Dr. Muhammad Yunus as he brings his Grameen microfinance movement to the US.
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Apr 6, 2011 KV Kiva HQ

Since 2007, Kiva has offered over 350 individuals a rare opportunity to witness firsthand the realities of microfinance through the Kiva Fellows Program.  Applicants chosen for the...
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Mar 29, 2011 KV Kiva HQ

This is one of the most exciting contests in Kiva history.  Here it is, in three easy steps:

1) Watch "To Catch A Dollar: Muhammed Yunus Banks on America" this Thursday, March 31.  This...
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Mar 16, 2011
Microfinance USA 2011 Conference - May 23-24, New York City
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Mar 14, 2011
Last December the Gobbi Family of five traveled to Guatemala for a fun-filled 2 weeks of vacation time. The family, long-time supporters ...
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Mar 8, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Last week we previewed a few of the ways we are turning your feedback into changes on our site and today we are happy to announce: the new is live! 

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Mar 7, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
This story was written by Jenny Inglee/Takepart - and originally published by Takepart on March 7, 2011 - View here

Many women in Rwanda, Colombia and Cambodia face two choices: Accept a life in poverty, or strive for a brighter future. Merlys, Francoise and Lun chose the brighter future.

Hoping of building businesses, the fledgling entrepreneurs reached out to Kiva lenders and received...
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Mar 4, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Over the years, we’ve collected an enormous amount of feedback from our users, partners, and friends about how we can make Kiva’s website a better place to engage with our lenders. Today we’re pleased to give you a preview into how we’re translating that feedback into action.

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