Kunal's interests in economic development, cultural exchange, and egalitarianism led him to the Kiva Fellows program, where he is working on advanced growth and impact models for Kiva Zip Kenya.

Prior to Kiva, Kunal's career focused on the intersection of operations and technology through consulting, sales, and operational roles at Citrix and Google. He also co-founded a clean energy non-profit operating in rural Mexico (wrone.org) and led consulting projects for Full Circle Fund and Google.org grant partners, including the Not For Sale Campaign and OneDegree.

Kunal is passionate about using economic opportunity as a strategy to advance human rights and minimize radicalization.

Fellows Blog Posts by Kunal Kothari

Oct 15, 2014 GO Global Update, KE Kenya

Resourcefulness is perhaps the most essential trait for any entrepreneur.  In Nairobi’s Kibera district, the largest slum in Africa, that trait is apparent everywhere you look.  In an environment where most residents earn no more than $2/day, resourcefulness is the means for survival, and entrepreneurship a vessel for hope.  Traveling around Nairobi, and Kibera in particular, evidence of this “scrappiness” permeates the sights.  Security spikes made of broken shards of glass line the walls of housing compounds.  Houses are quickly erected with a patchwork of... Continue Reading >>