Lia Nicholson is optimistic that 7.5 billion people can comfortably live on this planet while keeping earth’s temperature stable and biological diversity intact. Born in the USA, Lia grew up in the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda where she has been a consultant to the Government for the past 4 years, since graduating from Yale University with a Master’s in Environmental Management. Awarded the Gruber Fellowship in Global Justice and Women’s Rights (2014) and Commonwealth Queen's Young Leader (2017), Lia is also a TEDxAntigua speaker on climate innovators – our environment’s game changers. She has raised over US$30 million for climate and environment projects in the Eastern Caribbean, including seed investments for a climate fund. When not in the office, Lia can be found free diving, speaking Spanish, and mentoring.

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Oct 23, 2018 NG Nigeria

Kiva borrower Linda became a Babban Gona farmer several years after her husband joined and their family started to prosper

Blessed with fertile soil and a favorable climate, northern Nigeria is considered the “breadbasket” of the country. However, low mechanization and sparse infrastructure isolate this region from the bustling economy of Lagos, which is just 1,000 km to the south. Insecurity in the northeast heightens the divide where, since 2009, over 20,000 lives have been lost and over 2 million...

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