Born French American, Manon's wanderlust has taken her to over 30 countries. Through her travels, she witnessed inequality from a young age and became passionate about contributing to poverty reduction in her career. Prior to joining Kiva, Manon undertook research and project management roles in boutique economic development and social impact consulting firms in San Francisco and Montreal, working with multilateral institutions, nonprofits and foundations. Since moving to the Bay Area, she is excited to see how technology can be leveraged towards greater good around the world. Manon holds a BA in International Development from McGill University and a MS in Development Administration and Planning from University College London. Her favorite things include dogs, tennis, cheese, photography and lists.

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Jul 28, 2019 TG Togo

Welcome to Higher impact, a series dedicated to sharing high-level impact progress at Kiva. You’ll hear a lot of great individual borrower stories from Kiva, but this series takes you behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of the impact our Field Partners are making in their regional communities. Check out the difference we’re making and tune in every month.

Manon with colleagues in the San Francisco Kiva office.

Our first installment comes from our Francophone...

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