A French citizen residing in London, Marie started her career at the Financial Times (FT), working with financial institutions across EMEA for 5 years. Passionate about sustainable development, she quickly learned how financial innovation can support economic empowerment and build local capacity in developing countries. She then moved to the FT’s thought leadership team to engage opinion and industry leaders to discuss and share learnings on themes ranging from sustainable finance to transformational business and social innovation. She pursued her career at a climate change and international development firm to develop their private sector engagement in 2014, while completing an Impact Investing course at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School to deepen her understanding on innovative financial mechanisms in an international development context. More recently, she took over the direction of a small NGO to restructure its operations and develop sustainable development programs in Asia and Africa. With her multi-faceted experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, Marie now wants to gain experience on the ground in a role that combines development, entrepreneurship and financial inclusion. Kiva is an exciting and thrilling opportunity to work directly with agents of change and see first-hand how microfinance can change lives.

Fellows Blog Posts by Marie Le Page

Jun 6, 2017 SN Senegal

MEC Aprovag team
Tambacounda, Senegal. Never heard of that place? No worries, I hadn’t either until Kiva sent me to welcome our latest addition in the family, review their operations and help them launch their first agriculture loans on Kiva. The last 5 weeks were such an inspiring adventure, with an amazing team. And so please join me in welcoming MEC Aprovag as a new Kiva field partner in Senegal!
400 kilometres from Dakar, it takes a ‘mere...
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Apr 26, 2017 MG Madagascar

Of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Resilience in Madagascar
Tsilaviniaina in front of his gargote
'After a few weeks, I knew I would never see my stock ever again. I resigned myself to ask for help. So, I went to see my father’s family to ask for a small lump sum to help me to go back into business. They don't have much either, but in front of my despair, everyone put something in the kitty and we... Continue Reading >>

Apr 25, 2017 GO Global Update

Of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Resilience in Madagascar.
  This is a story of one of Kiva’s borrowers, a slice of life in Antananarivo, or Tana as locals call it. Above all, this is a story, or rather a lesson, for all of us, of resilience and determination. This is the journey of Tsilaviniaina, a 21-year-old young man who I met during a field trip with CEFOR, Kiva’s field partner in Tana. Tsilaviniaina's story is the story of many of his age, of too many of them in fact. Hope, grief, joy, responsibilities,... Continue Reading >>

Mar 24, 2017 CM Cameroon

Determination. Adaptability. Patience. Love. These are the key virtues you need when you embark on a journey through coffee and cocoa plantations in Cameroon, ready for an epic and folkloric adventure. Folks, next time that you enjoy your favourite chocolate bar or sip your matinal double expresso, I hope you’ll remember the stories that follow, the story of Joseph, Ella, Beatrice, Simon and many others who, hopefully, you will decide to support after reading this. Despite being the 5th biggest cocoa producer in the world, the...
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