Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Marybeth has had numerous opportunities to travel with her family and solo while growing up. She rediscovered this passion for international travel and learning about other cultures while studying at Griffith University in Brisbane. While at university, she was able to spend time in South Korea, China and multiple countries in Europe. She graduated with a dual degree in International Business and Arts (Asian Studies, Politics and International Relations), with a focus on Mandarin. She is now working as a Manager at Accenture Australia. Marybeth is thrilled to have this opportunity to learn more about the microfinance process and to work with an organisation that has an impact on so many lives. She will be partnering with ID Ghana in Accra and is excited for her first trip to Africa.

Fellows Blog Posts by Marybeth Harbison

Mar 4, 2016 GH Ghana

For those of you who have never had Ghanian cuisine (and I'm sure there are many of you) there are three main things you should know about Ghanian cuisine:
  • It is mostly starch (rice/plantain/cassava/maize/yam etc)
  • The portions are large enough to feed a small army
  • I don’t love it
  • The main component of Ghanaian dishes is the starch, and there are not many vegetables.  Starch usually makes up more than 70% of the meal and often is the name of the dish, even though there are other components.  The starch is either made of rice,... Continue Reading >>

    Feb 22, 2016 GH Ghana

    Last week I met the ladies of Sorlimor Group in Chorkor, an overpopulated fishing area in Greater Accra.  After numerous tro tros (three in two hours!) the loan officer and I finally arrived at the meeting spot (for more information on tro tros; what they are and what it is like riding them, see Kadri’s blog entry here). At the moment, I am working with ID Ghana (a Microfinance institution that partners with Kiva) who mainly disburse group loans in Accra.  Issuing a loan in a group encourages the borrowers to pay back their loan through light peer pressure - no one wants to let... Continue Reading >>