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Aug 29, 2018 KV Kiva HQ

An activity some parents do with their kids called “Save, Spend, Share” or, when done Kiva-style, “Save, Spend, Lend” teaches children about the importance of being thoughtful with money. For this activity, kids spend a third of their allowance, save a third, and use the last third to donate or lend to a good cause. In this podcast "Inspired Money: Give a Little, Help a Lot," Kiva’s Global Engagement Manager, Jessica Hansen talks about the value of capturing the altruistic spirit that lies in all of us to use our money, not only wisely, but to positively impact...

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Aug 8, 2018 KV Kiva HQ
Sisters Theresa and Rebecca (now 15) show their Kiva pride

At the age of 6, Rebecca  was already intent on making the world a better place. She founded the lending team Westfield Youth for Kiva while still in elementary school, and then went on to found an affiliated Kiva Microfinance Club at her middle school. Her team has now funded $39,000 in loans, making it #6 on the list of Kiva’s highest lending youth teams. 

Today, Rebecca is 15 and vividly...

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