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May 2, 2010 KH Cambodia

By Polai Av, KF10 Cambodia

What do you do when your client is delinquent because the business that they have been doing for years is no longer viable? Or their spouse was in a traffic accident and their expenses tripled? Traditionally, MFIs will seize client’s assets or continue to pressure the borrowers, collecting any amount of money they can get. But this doesn’t help the borrowers or the MFI. The MFI might never recover the money, and if they were to, the time and effort of the client officer is costly. The clients are back to where they started, if not worse, than...

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Feb 16, 2010 KH Cambodia

Hello! My name is Polai and I am the new Kiva Fellow at field partner AMK. I arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia a little over a week ago. As I start my second week here, I wanted to reflect on my experience so far being Kiva’s first Khmer speaking fellow and a Cambodian-American living here. Here are some thoughts:

- Me as an Asian-American vs. a Cambodian-Khmer-speaking-American. In one instance, I went apartment hunting with my boyfriend (tall white American) here and at one of the apartments when we were introduced to the female apartment manager, the woman glossed...

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