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Oct 19, 2011 HN Honduras

By Sandra Pina, KF16, Honduras

For the past six weeks I have been working in San Pedro Sula with Kiva’s newest Honduran Field Partner, ODEF Financiera, S.A. During the on-boarding process, I get to witness many of the organization’s “Kiva firsts.” First Kiva presentation to staff, first training sessions with loan officers, first Kiva Borrower profile, first month of repayment reporting – you get the idea.

About a week ago, ODEF posted it’s first borrower profile on Kiva.org. Doña María owns a pulpería in Naco-Santa Barbara where she sells soda,...

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Sep 21, 2011 HN Honduras

By Sandra Pina, KF16, Honduras.

What would you do with 5 lempiras (26 cents)? Toss it it in your coin jar? Tip your barista? What if I told you that with 5 lempiras, a bit of business savvy and determination, you could start your own business. Skeptical? Of course you are. I was too, until I met Ever.

Ever is from Teocinte, a small community of 30 families located in the municipality of San Rafael. It took six hours to reach Teocinte from ODEF Financiera’s main office in San Pedro Sula. Three hours from S.P.S to Gracias and then another 3 hours from Gracias to...

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