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Jul 30, 2010 RW Rwanda

By Ron Turley KF11.5

I see that Kiva has begun to recognise those of us who are/have been fellows. On our lenders page, we have a distinctive Kiva “K” on our pictures, links to Kiva Fellow blogs we have posted and the name of the country and MFI with which we worked.

This is very embarrassing for me as I feel I did not earn any of it.

Three days after arriving in Kigali, I developed a medical condition that required me to be repatriated. I was there long enough to find accommodation, acquire a cell phone and Internet access and to meet some of the...

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Jun 26, 2010 RW Rwanda

By Ron Turley KF11.5

Last week my departure date was June 28th. Now it’s Monday that I will be off to Kigali Rwanda to work with Vision Finance Company (VFC).

Claude, my predecessor had been filling me on VFC and the things that he did there and has been most helpful in my quest to find accommodation. I have still yet to commit to any of the opportunities, but my preference would be to stay with a local family.

But the best advice Claude gave me was to read A Thousand Hills: Rwanda’s Rebirth and the Man Who Dreamed It by Stephen Kinzer. I just...

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Apr 27, 2010

By Ron Turley, KF11

I just read the first posts by the 11th group of fellows and am itching to be moving into the field with them. Changes in my personal situation required me to postpone for a month or so, but I will be following the exploits of my mates as they jump into their tasks with both feet.

Few readers may know that Kiva Fellowships are volunteer positions and are entirely self funded. We do this without compensation or financial reimbursement.

The typical fellow is between the ages of 25 and 35, speaks another language, has travelled in the developed world,...

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