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Mar 4, 2011 RW Rwanda

Two and a half weeks before I left Australia for Kiva Fellow training, I discovered I would be working in Rwanda.  Combined with packing up and moving house, finishing work, preparing for Kiva and saying good-bye to friends and family, I didn’t have a lot of time to find out much about Rwanda before I arrived.  I’m still learning and will be for a long time after I leave.  Below are five things I would never have known if I hadn’t had the opportunity to live and work here.

1.     Plastic bags are illegal – since 2006 plastic bags have been replaced with brown paper...

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Dec 19, 2010 RW Rwanda

If you are a lender on Kiva then you may have an inkling of how I’m feeling as I write this blog.   Elated and…well…wondrous.

You know that feeling.  The one you get when you’ve gone online and put in your $25 towards a loan of $850.  Then, a few hours later you receive “the update” from Kiva; an email to say 33 other people have done the same thing.  The loan has been fully funded.

It’s a beautiful moment, where elegant software design harnesses people power.  There is something wondrous about it. It restores my faith in the world, in humanity.

So perhaps you...

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Nov 18, 2010 RW Rwanda

“Someone told me she loves me, just then…she told me that she loves me and I am so happy.” When an overjoyed stranger took his mobile from his ear and turned to find the first person to share his wonderful news with…there I was.  Someone loved him and he had to let it out to the world.  I gave him my congratulations, shook his hand and landed an encouraging pat on his back.  He was beaming.  So was I.

Aaah Rwanda!  Only two weeks in and every day has been a revelation.

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