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Sep 11, 2009 AM Armenia

The Best Lahmajun Place in Yerevan — Mer Taghr or “Our Street”:

Volunteering in the field of microfinance since May 2009, I have encountered numerous
stories that are a true inspiration for me. still, it is always great to meet entrepreneurs
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Aug 29, 2009 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

As time goes by in my work as a Kiva Fellow, I realize more and more how important the social mission of an MFI is. At my first placement, I was greatly impressed by Kiva’s partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would like to share the story of this institution. Through Kiva, the relationship and the space for the borrower’s voice is not established solely because of technology, but because of the real person-to-person communication that an MFI has with its clients. If the MFI atmosphere and...

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Jul 31, 2009 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

Surprisingly quickly I got used to life in the quiet Gracanica, BiH as well as the days at the office of Zene za Zene (ZzZ), the Bosnian partner of Women for Women International. The office is a buzzing space especially towards the end of the week, and I keep being amazed at how organized my colleagues are. We regularly have breakfast and coffee in the office while still keeping high work ethic expectations. Spending time with coworkers, even if only for 15 fun minutes, is such a necessary and useful break; still, it never drags too long and people go back to work smiling...

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Jul 14, 2009 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuesday, July 7 was an amazing day for me because Nela—the Kiva Coordinator of Zene za Zene (ZzZ)–and I traveled far from Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet the last of the 10 entrepreneurs for completing the process of Borrower Verification. I enjoy traveling outside of the small town and especially enjoy meeting all the women who have Kiva loans through ZzZ. Their stories are amazing and I am so glad that I have had a chance to hear them. One in particular was very touching for me because my presence was what brought about the conversation. It turned...

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May 20, 2009 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Velizara Passajova, KF8 Bosnia, Armenia

Hello, my name is Velizara and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am currently enjoying KIVA Fellows Training in San Francisco. After I finish my junior spring at Dartmouth College, I will head to Sarajevo, Bosnia to work with “Zene za Zene International” from June-July 2009. In August-September 2009, I will be in Yerevan, Armenia. My job is to help establish KIVA and open up additional oportunities for lending to entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe.

KIVA is so exciting! Please, join our cause!

To see my blog,...

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