For the past two years Vinay worked at a small consulting firm as a process and data analyst. He lives full-time in Houston, and though his job, has traveled to many cities in Texas. He is looking to switch directions in his career, and thinks being a fellow will be a great segue into his next move. Vinayak loves talking to people and working with others, so he is very excited about getting away from the computer screen and into the field.

Fellows Blog Posts by Vinayak Reddy

Apr 24, 2015 KE Kenya

It was early Thursday morning, and I was in Kibera on a borrower visit with one of our trustees and two other Fellows. It was around 10AM when I take out my phone to check the time. I see a text from my sister asking if I know anyone in Garissa. Garissa? Why would she be asking me about a random city in Kenya? I shut my phone thinking I’ll respond later so I can focus on the visit. About two hours later I see a new messages, “Just tell me you’re okay.” That message certainly caught my attention.

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