Proudly hailing from New York, Zach enjoys experiencing new cities and local coffee shops. His belief in the power of community-building, person-to-person connections, and technology to create economic growth and improve the quality of life has led him to become a Kiva Fellow. His studies at Northwestern in mathematical methods in the social sciences resulted in a consulting project for the Los Angeles Police Department, which taught him the importance of data in making effective decisions. After graduating, Zach moved to Cambridge, MA where he worked for three years as an analyst at the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) - a nonprofit dedicated to helping philanthropic funders assess their performance and improve their effectiveness. Post-CEP, Zach moved back to the bitter cold of Chicago and went to work for Groupon in merchant strategy and then in business intelligence for an online brokerage company. He has also spent a substantial amount of time in Argentina, beginning with a semester studying at la Universidad de Buenos Aires. He cannot wait to start his Kiva Fellowship!

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Mar 30, 2014 US United States

Chef Garrick


“Nobody believed in me. They told me I couldn’t do it,” said Garrick, owner of Mason Catering Services.


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Aug 1, 2013 PE Peru

Harris, EDAPROSPOs Kiva Coordinator. Taking a break for an impromptu photo shoot.
Yes, folks, I present to you, Kiva field partner EDAPROSPOs jack-of-all-trades Kiva Coordinator - HARRIS. (his official title is Asistente de Finanzas y Operaciones, aka Finance and Operations Assistant, for all you non-Spanish speakers reading this correspondence.) Harris is a 30-year-old young professional and former pro-futsal star/semi-pro fútbol player. (He puts my athleticism and swagger to shame... Continue Reading >>

Jul 1, 2013 PE Peru

Alright, you caught me. No rivers were forded, nor were any woods traversed. Mostly dirt roads were traveled on and hillsides were (carefully) climbed. Life in Peru has been wonderfully intense, exciting, tiring, and challenging over the last few weeks. I am not going to dwell on the awesome ceviche and seafood I have been fortunate enough to eat. Nor will I say much about the recent 5.1 earthquake that originated 50 miles off the coast of Lima (or 4.6, depending on where you get your earthquake news from).
Ceviche: it's...
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